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Butterfly Valves & Controls, as the exclusive USA Representative of Value Valves Co., supplies resilient seated wafer and lug butterfly valves, along with high-performance, triple eccentric and AWWA butterfly valves. In-house assembly of valves with lever or gear operators, electric or pneumatic actuators.

Butterfly Valves

  • CL600 and above with splined shaft
  • Cryogenic / extension valves (NPS 3 to 54 up to CL900).
  • Erosive / Corrosive service valves (e.g.: slurryservice).
  • Fire sentry actuator special designs
  • Geothermal application valves.
  • High Pressure CL150/150 up to CL2500.
  • High pressure (CL600, 900, 1500) Class 5 metal seal designs.
  • Inlayed T-slots
  • Large size butterfly valves to NPS 96
  • Noise attenuation
  • Nuclear Service

Butterfly valve

The butterfly valve has a body, a resilient seat, a butterfly disk, a stem, packing, a notched positioning plate, and an actuator. The resilient seat is under compression when it is mounted in the valve body, thus making a seal around the periphery of the disk and both upper and lower points where the stem passes through the seat. Packing is provided to form a positive seal around the stem for added protection in case the seal formed by the seat should become damaged. To close or open a butterfly valve, the actuator is turned only one quarter turn to rotate the disk from 0° to 90°. Actuators used on butterfly valves vary based on the application and size of the valve. A simple handle oriented in the same direction of the metal disc (to indicate valve position) is common.

RS Series Resilient Seat Butterfly Control Valves

Valves are available in full-lugged or wafer mounting style. All bodies meet ANSI 150 pressure ratings for hydrostatic requirements. The valves are compatible with ANSI 125/150 flanges. Standard valves 2"-12" are bidirectional with a bubble-tight shut-off pressure rating of up to 250 PSI dead end service. Valves 14"-20" are also bidirectional with a bubble-tight shut-off standard pressure rating of 50 PSI. Rating to 150 PSI is available with non-undercut (NU) discs.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Control Valve

1) Standard:
a) Basic design: API 609
b) Test: API 598, BS 6755
2) Size: 2"-36"
3) Rating: 200PSI
4) Body material: cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel
5) Operation: handwheel, gear, motor, pneumatic operator
6) End connection: wafer, lug, double flange
7) Design features:
a) Concentric design
b) 2pc shaft low torque design
c) Bi-directional service
d) Self cleanin

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